Our Story

Africa Sports Consultancy, is an organization run by former Professional sportsmen who have had to face the realities of life as an athlete at differing stages. This has allowed us to bring together our playing experiences and further studies together just for your benefit. The African athlete must rise and shine. As one of our founding members attests to, the life of an athlete is complex regardless of what level you compete at. We are here to help you navigate your journey! It is never too early to start planning for the future.


Pushing athletes to become the best version of themselves


To empower athletes in Africa to make better informed decisions for their present and future


Empathy- We have genuine concern for the needs and feelings of others.
Integrity- We are truthful and honest in our professional and our personal lives.
Continuous Development- We take steps to develop ourselves and others.
Self- control - We align our behaviour to achieve specific goals.
Drive- Desire to constantly improve each other’s skills.
Diversity and Inclusion- Capitalize on the similarities and differences among people.
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